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Hey, I'm Dimitri, the creator of Gemmology Obsession, and my love for gemstones, jewellery, and the craftsmanship behind them knows no bounds. If you're as passionate about these exquisite elements of the jewellery world as I am, I'm eager to connect with you for potential collaborations.

Collaborating with me is an opportunity to share your expertise, knowledge, and unique experiences with our community

What types of Collaborations am I currently looking for?

Diamond ring


Assay Offices

I'm looking into filming a behind-the-scenes at an assay office in the UK. From when an item comes in for hallmarking, following the whole journey to when its posted back to the client.

UPDATE: Completed Birmingham Assay Office filming, please check my Instagram for the videos


Diamond and Gemstone Cutters

I would like to collaborate with a Stone cutter individual or an Organisation to follow the steps from the rough gem to the final stages of the finished product

Raw Diamond
Luxury Gemstone Rings


Jewellery/Mineral Museums and Exhibitions

This has been one of my favourite things to do when visiting different cities while travelling. if you work at a museum or have an upcoming Gemmology Exhibition I would love to work with you and feature a certain specimen, the whole collection or a hidden gem not shown to the public. The possibilities are endless


Jewellery Manufacturers

Witnessing the craft of transforming raw materials into exquisite jewellery pieces is a must-see experience. If you work at a Jewellery Manufacturing company I would love to film the process from start to finish. From casting to stone setting, I want to share and educate our community to my best ability

Rings on Display
Dimitri with Presidium PGCG


Gemmology related Product Reviews

Are you a gemmology-related product manufacturer? I'm always looking for the latest products within our industry, which would be a perfect way to promote your new or existing product.

The offer is simple, I'll create an honest and exciting video that I know my audience would love plus depending on the product I may be able to offer an in-depth blog on your product.

From books to tweezers from polishing cloth to a microscope. Contact me to discuss our collaboration opportunity.

How much does it cost?

I offer this service free of charge because my aim is to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing within the jewellery industry.

In some instances, travel costs may be involved, but I'm open to discussing arrangements and ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership. To express your interest in collaborating with me, please use the form below or reach out on Instagram. I'm excited to explore the world of jewellery with you, showcasing the beauty and artistry that make this industry so extraordinary.

Let's connect, learn, and create together!

Please Note: I'm not currently accepting any features from Retail Jewellers (for example, I can't advertise your Jewellery Store)

This is purposely made for educational use only.
If you are not sure about the information above, please contact me via the form below or on Instagram

Gem drawing background.png

Collaboration Enquiry

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