10 Proven Steps to Organising your Gemstone and Mineral Collection (FREE TEMPLATE)

Updated: Apr 15

I've been collecting Gemstones and Minerals for nearly ten years, and I wanted to share with you my experience, tips and tricks of organising your collection.


1. Decide how your Collection would be stored

My Gemstone Desk

The first thing you need to decide is what type of collection you would have. Would you have an Open, Closed or a mixture of the two?

An Open collection is one with glass cabinets, wall shelves, bookcases. A closed one is a collection with trays and storage boxes that are kept stacked up to save space (Perfect if you haven't got much room to display your Gems). Whichever type you decide on, make sure it works for you!

I have an open collection for the majority of my specimens.

TIP: Think, plan and measure before investing in anything

Example of an Open Collection

2. Display

Love, Love, Love Displays!

One of my favourite things about my collection is the way I display it. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to it 😀 Everything has it's place, label and detailed information.

I've tried many different ways to display my gemstones; it all depends on how much space you have. I'm fortunate enough to have a room dedicated to my love of Gemmology, but you can achieve the same result with just a corner of a room.

I recently invested in two Glass cabinets—one for my rough samples and one for my faceted gems. I purchased the cabinet you see in the picture at the beginning from Amazon UK for £38 each; they are made of wood and tempered glass measuring 80x9.5x60cm with sliding doors.

Be Creative with Display

Gemstone Display Stand from HS Walsh

There are many display add-ones you can get to add that uniqueness and creativity to your collection.

The Gemstone Display stands I use for mine are from HS Walsh (LINK TO PRODUCT) A great product to dot around your display for £2.88 each.

Any square blocks, acrylic, wooden cubes and many more can be used in your display, be creative and experiment with it.

For a Closed collection, I recommend using gemstone trays (LINK TO EBAY SEARCH) or you can use a 4 layer Make-up case on wheels (LINK TO AMAZON SEARCH) The cases are great as they have a bigger storage layer on the base for larger specimens, some with dividers and others with trays. Great for small spaces!


3. Measurements

A few things you can't do without are a measuring tool and a Weighing scale.

To measure and record the size on your specimens, you will need a ruler or a digital measuring device. You can pick up a ruler from a stationary store for less than £1 but to do an exact and precise measurement, you will need a digital calliper. The cheapest one you can get on eBay is around £5 CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO EBAY SEARCH

If you want to get a professional Jewellers digital gauge that lets you measure stones in settings I recommend (Presidium)

The other very useful tool is a digital scale. You can pick one up from my shop for £5.00 LINK

If you wanted more precision you can get the professional Carat scale for £30.00 LINK

Digital Caliper and Weighing Scale

Precision Scales


4. Catalogue your Specimens

Whatever collection you have, small or large, you must catalogue all of your gems. I recommend using a spreadsheet template I created especially for this blog. You can download from the link below.

Feel free to change, edit or delete columns that don't apply to you or make it yours (I wouldn't be offended 😁)