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Gemmology Obsession and Presidium Instruments Collaboration

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

I’m very excited to announce an amazing collaboration between myself and the Go-To place for Gemmological instruments in our industry - Presidium Instruments Pte Ltd


Who are Presidium Instruments?

As the first company in the world to launch numerous gemmological instruments, Presidium is committed to researching and developing innovative instruments for the benefit of the industry.

Presidium Instruments Pte Ltd, incorporated in 1979, is the world’s leading manufacturer of gemmological instruments that test and measure diamonds and gems, for the diamond and gemstones industries.

Today, Presidium products are available across more than 40 countries worldwide, through over 130 authorized resellers located in North and South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Presidium products are used in gemmological institutes, laboratories, jewellery manufacturers, diamond appraisal businesses and retail jewellers globally.


I’ve been in the jewellery industry for over 10 years, and I know a good gemmological instrument when I see one. I was approached by Presidium Instruments after my successful Instagram Reel of my new Gem tool – The Advanced Gem Computer Gauge (PGCG).

After a few weeks of discussion, we agreed on a Collaboration I knew would work. Honestly, this has been the easiest decision I have made in my career as after using my Gem tool I have realised how important accurate Gemmological tools are.

You should always focus on quality first because when buying that kind of tool, it will last you your whole career.


What should you expect from this Collaboration?

This Collaboration was created with one goal in mind.

To Educate

Education is very important to me, so I will be demonstrating how to use several of the Presidium tools, recoding how-to guides with tips and tricks,

The first tool I will be working with is very familiar to me - The Presidium Gem Computer Gauge (PGCG). Keep an eye out on my Instagram for the upcoming review and how-to guides.



This Collaboration is now FINISHED?


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