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How to sort Diamonds using a Sieve. Clean, Sort, Label Video How To Blog

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Have you ever wondered what happens to your jewellery after it's been sold to a jeweller and cannot be resold for some reason. That being too worn, needing too much work to put it in as new shape or other reasons?

Dive into the world of diamonds with my simple guide on how to sort them using a diamond sieve! Learn the basics, from giving your diamonds a good clean to organising and sorting them by size in millimetres. In this video blog I will leave no stone unturned. Are you ready?

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Instruments and Tools

Part 3 - First Steps

Part 4 - The cleaning Process

Part 5 - Diamond Sieve Fun Part

Part 6 - Labelling Time

Diamond Sieve Plate chart A4
Download PDF • 106KB

Part 7 - Box them up!

Part 8 - All Sorted!


Whether you're a diamond newbie or just curious, this video is for you. It's all about making diamond sorting simple and fun!

If you have any questions, tips or you want to know more about Diamond sorting, please let me know via the comments below, using the chat box or on Instagram private message. Thanks for watching :)


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