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My Services

Here are some of the services I offer, if you have an idea and want us to work together, please get in touch to discuss our partnership futher.

Book Feature on Instagram - Reel

Are you an author of a Gemmology related book and looking to feature your masterpiece? I love books and am quite happy to make an Instagram Reel of your book free of charge - Just post the book to me, It will be my pleasure to feature it on my Instagram page with links to your related shop for my audience to purchase.


Gem Drawing Request

Are you a Gem supplier? or just fancied having a Gemstone or Diamond drawing painted especially for you? Get in touch to discuss your needs.

*Please note that this cannot be rushed and I'll do my best to complete the drawing withing 4 weeks

Fee: £250+

Labels for your Gemstones

Labelling your Gemstones and Diamonds is very important as they could be easily mixed up and sold for something they are not. Labels are a must for any Gemstone Collector. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Book  Feature - Blog

The perfect way to get your book more exposure is with an Instagram Reel and a Blog Post on my website. This is a package that will have a short book review and a Reel with all of the necessary links to get viewers to purchase your book.

Fee: £75.00

Digital & Print License

If you love my artwork and would like to use it in a Blog, publish it in a magazine, book, or use it on a product, get in touch to discuss the different ways we could work together

Gem Collector Inventory

If you are just starting your Gem collection or you have collected for years, having an inventory with labels is the perfect way to keep your information on each stone. Using Microsoft Excel, I can create the perfect spreadsheet that works for you free of charge. Why not add labels for your boxes for a small fee (From £0.10 per label)

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Gem drawing background
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