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Brushes, Paints and Pencils for the Gemstone Artists - All of the materials I use in my drawings

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

I'm often asked about my journey as an artist, which began during the pandemic in 2020. With many jewellery stores closed due to lockdowns in the UK, I found myself with ample time at home to explore a new hobby connected to gemmology.

The first step was to determine which medium worked best for me. As a self-proclaimed Amazon fan, I quickly stocked up on art supplies with just a few clicks.

I experimented with various materials, including pencils, watercolours, gouache, acrylics, and marker pens. However, my favourite is the Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils, which produce vivid colours and are easy to blend.

For those interested, here is a list of the drawing and painting materials I use.

I have also included an Amazon link to the products for easy purchase.


The Classic Black Pencil (Your best friend)

I use Staedtler Mars Clutch 2mm Pencil.

This is a fantastic and affordable pencil that will last your a very long time. I got mine from Amazon for £8.00. Refills are 6 in a pack for £5.00

  • Leadholder for drawing, sketching and writing

  • For 2 mm leads e.g. Mars carbon 200

  • With metal clip, push-button and grip zone

  • Integrated lead sharpener in push-button

  • HB lead

  • Hardness-degree indication on clip

Link to Amazon Product - Pencil -

Link to Amazon Product - Refills -


The Must-Have Sharpeners

This is a must if you use Coloured pencils as if you aren't sharpening them, your lines are not going to be refined. I use 2 sharpeners, the first one is by Staedler for my Black Pencil, and the other one is by Faber-Castell for all of my coloured pencils

Faber-Castell Trio Pencil Sharpener Tub Box GRIP 2001 Silver

  • Trio sharpening box for graphite and colour pencils, standard and jumbo sizes

  • Ergonomic triangular shape

  • Large container for sharpening

Link to Amazon Product -

Price: Around £5


Staedtler Mars Lead Pointer Tub - Sharpener For 2mm Pencil Leads

  • Sharpener for 2 mm leads

  • Automatic sharpening stop

  • With measurement device for adjusting sharpening cone

  • Metal lead sharpener

  • Integrated dust wiper

Link to Amazon Product -

Price: Around £10



Image - Amazon

This is so important to me as without it, I could not complete one of my drawings. This Electric eraser from Amazon brand Eono is super fun to use and takes seconds to remove the excess pencil marks and any mistake lines you may do (we are not perfect so it's normal to make mistakes)

Here is a bit more about this eraser:

  • Good quality, reliable and comes with 22 replacement refills (Diameter 2.3mm 10 pcs and 5mm 12 pcs), easy to remove and replace.

  • Controlling it with a small button, and a light touch are all required to remove marks, The ergonomic plastic handle makes the electric eraser very comfortable to hold.

  • Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, the Electric Eraser is equally suitable for hobby artists and professionals alike --Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included).

  • Suitable for graphite, coloured and pastel pencils, Ideal for small highlight, work well for drawing, office or school work

Link to Amazon Product -

Price: Around £8


Faber Castell Kneadable Art Eraser

Image - Amazon

After I draw my facets and the lines of the project I'm working on I tend to remove most of the pencil marks with this Kneadable Eraser from Faber-Castell by simply dabbing the eraser on the lines and you see how they disappear.

  • Ergonomically shaped quality eraser for soft corrections, which is smudge and PVC-free

  • KNEADABLE – This eraser is extremely kneadable and absorbent. It can be used for cleaning slides and final drawing touch-ups.

  • Ideal – This eraser is ideal for graphite and coloured pencils. It is the perfect drawing eraser choice for artists, sketch pencils and drawing supplies. It can correct and lighten Charcoal, pencil and pastel work

  • Essential – This is a must-have

Link to Amazon Product -

Price: Around £3


Art Paper

Paper is very important when it comes to working with different mediums. I have tried quite a few but keep coming back to my first which is by Clairefontaine and it's called


A real mix-media, this paper is suitable for drawing with pencil, felt-tip pen or pen but is also perfectly suited to gouache, ink or acrylic. This PEFC-certified paper is acid-free and pH-neutral for perfect preservation of drawings over time.

MATCHING PAINTON PAPER: this 100% cellulose paper is THE perfect compromise between dry and wet techniques! Thanks to its heavy weight, this versatile paper resists scratching and supports several coats. It also has good absorption capacity.

Did I say that this paper is also available in different colours and sizes? I tend to use the White A4 size and if I need an A5, I just cut the A4 in half.


Clairefontaine - Ref 975410C - Paint'ON Multi-Technique Assorted Colour Paper Pad (24 Sheets) - A4 Size, 250gsm

Great for beginners as with this pack you will get 6 different colours to work with

Image - Clairefontaine

Link to Amazon Product -

Price: Around £10


Clairefontaine - Ref 96537C - Paint'ON Multi-Technique Glued Paper Pad (40 Sheets) - A4 Size, 250gsm

Image - Clairefontaine

Link to Amazon Product -

Price: Around £10


Clairefontaine - Ref 975169C - Paint'ON Multi-Technique Black Paper Pad (20 Sheets) - A4 Size, 250gsm