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Jewellery, Gems and Diamonds Crossword

Are you ready to test your knowledge of Jewellery, Gemstones and Diamonds? I've created the perfect Crossword for you.



3. Rare pink-orange Sapphire named after a lotus flower 7. Volcanic pipes in which Diamonds are brought to the surface 9. Gemstone cut named after its resemblance to a fruit 10. The mark of the Birmingham Assay office 11. Name used for a gemstone that is polished, but not faceted 12. Gemstone family to which Morganite belongs 14. Early 20th-century design movement characterised by simple, bold, clean shapes and stylised natural forms 3,4 15. Prefix given to silver with purity of 92.5% 16. Measurement of gem hardness - ____Scale 17. The former name of Sri Lanka still used as prefix for very good quality Sapphire

19. The fossilised resin of ancient trees


1. The outer layer of a Pearl and alternative name of Mother of Pearl 2. The top facet of a traditionally cut gemstone 4. Exceedingly rare colour change gemstone known as “Emerald by day”, “Ruby by night.” 5. Purple gemstone popular in history for its supposed ability to stop drunkenness 6. Fiery stone thought to be the oldest gem, almost as old as the planet 8. Mineral, also known as “fool’s gold” 12. The element responsible for the colour of blue Diamonds 13. Hollow rock in which some gemstones form 18. Colourful gemstone mined predominately in Australia and Ethiopia

20. The usual colour of the gemstone Jet

Two different ways of playing

The first one is with the crossword and questions on the same page (Perfect if you are playing alone or with others face to face) and the second way is with the questions on a different page (best for a virtual play like video chat etc. as you can give the first page to the group to download and read out the questions to them.)

Playing alone or face to face DOWNLOAD HERE

Playing with others but you want to read out the questions to the players

Crossword only - DOWNLOAD HERE

Crossword on first page and questions on the second - DOWNLOAD HERE

Hope you have fun playing the crossword and don't forget to tag me on Instagram while playing

Here are the Answers DOWNLOAD LINK HERE


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