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The GIA Retailer Program

GIA’s Retailer Support Program makes it easy for you and your sales staff to educate customers about the quality of diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls, and the value of a GIA grading report.

GIA Retailer Support Program Screenshot

GIA Logo Lockup Plate

Explore the many point of sale tools and free downloads available.

Educational materials such as the 4Cs of diamond quality brochures and counter displays can be ordered and delivered to your store.

Signage tools are available that let customers know that you carry diamonds and coloured gems with GIA reports.

And because diamond education happens online as well as at the counter, the program also provides free videos, images, logo lockups and interactive scales you can download and use on your website or social media pages as well as your advertising.

As the creator of the 4Cs of Diamond Quality and the International Diamond Grading System™, a standard everyone can rely on when evaluating diamond quality,

GIA provides these resources to ensure that your customers purchase diamonds and gemstones with knowledge and confidence.

No membership or registration is required to use Retailer Support Program materials, GIA only requires that retailers adhere to the Terms of Use and remember that use of these materials and resources does not imply any partnership with GIA.

GIA Retailer Support Program Screenshot

To Visit the GIA Retailer Support Program, please follow the link below

All Images are taken by myself excluding the Screenshots taken from the GIA Website.

Thank you to the GIA for kindly letting me use the text found on the GIA Retailer Program

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