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The Ultimate Jewellery Guide with Printable PDF File

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Here is the perfect Jewellery Guide

I've been working in the jewellery industry for several years and always struggled to find all the important information when serving clients.

Have you had a customer asking about wedding anniversary gifts for a certain year? or a Ring size conversion from the US to the UK size?

What normally happens if we don't know the answer we have to use a search engine to find out for them, that may take a few minutes and customers might start to doubt if you knew where to find the answer. The longer it takes the less trust the client is going to have in your knowledge.

That's why I created the perfect Jewellery Guide

What is in this document?

  • Diamond Carat Conversion chart for classic shapes

The very important MM to CARAT size conversion for Round, Princess, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Emerald, Radiant and Cushion cut Diamonds for up to 3 carats on most shapes.

  • Anniversary Gifts

This is the Modern Anniversary Gift guide from the 1st year - Gold to the 80th - Ruby Jubilee

  • Birthstones

Some birthstones have more than one Gem, so I have collected the Classic Birthstones chart and added it to this Ultimate Guide

  • Necklace length

What length is a Matinee? Well it could be from 20 inches to 24 inches (50cm - 60cm)

  • Ring Size conversion chart

Very often clients would only know their European or American size, here I've included the most popular Ring Size charts. UK, US and EU

  • Colour

Diamond Colour is one of the most often asked questions in the jewellery trade.

  • Clarity

From the extremely rare FLAWLESS, to the very often seen INCLUDED clarity. Most jewellers haven't even seen a Flawless diamond

  • Cut

Diamond cut is very important as if you have a diamond with a POOR cut it might look lifeless, the little diagram shows how light enters the Diamond and reflects at the facets to bounce back to the top for maximum Fire and Brightness

  • Diamond Information

You might not get asked by a client how deep a diamond forms or what temperature or age, but its a great fact to know as sometimes it might help you with a sale if compared to a Lab-grown Diamond

  • Mohs Hardness Scale

The Mohs hardness scale is a perfect example when purchasing Gemstone for daily wear

  • Hallmarks

Check your hallmarks. When buying or selling jewellery, make sure it's hallmarked by an Assay office. It's your guarantee of purity in metals.

This Jewellery Guide is available in A4 PDF file from my shop. It's £2.00 and available to download straight after you place an order.

All of my documents I create are helping me fund my Gemmology Study, and I really appreciate all the support



PDF Download link HERE

Printed Document (If you don't have a printer) + Postage link HERE


That's it for the Ultimate Jewellery Guide. I hope you have enjoyed reading it. Let me know what you think

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