The Gemmologist Loupe - What is a Triplet?

One of my favourite subjects. – The Loupe

The must-have tool for any gemmologist and gem enthusiast. Why? Because without it, you will struggle to perform the necessary tasks of identifying gems

The Loupe was first invented in the 18th century and has evolved over the years. The very first Loupe was quite large and had limited uses. Today, many loupe companies have invented smaller, but more effective magnifiers used by jewellers, gemmologists, and gem enthusiasts throughout the world.


What is a Triplet Loupe, and why should I invest in one?

Triplet loupes contain three lenses, held in place by a metal ring. In a good-quality triplet, the first lens is the magnifier. The second lens corrects colour distortions, and the third lens corrects linear distortions.

Use only a triplet loupe that’s been fully corrected!

Achromatic lenses are corrected for colour, and Aplanatic lenses are corrected for spherical aberrations.


What is the standard in the Gemmology industry?

The standard is a “10x” – ten times magnification Triplet Loupe. You generally wouldn’t use anything stronger, but if you wanted to see inclusions closer, you could get a 20x, 40x or the pocket microscope 60x which is a brilliant tool to read an Inscription on a Diamond’s Girdle

Did you know?

You always base a diamond’s clarity grade on its appearance in a 10X loupe.


I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to buying Gem tools, as you can see I like purchasing loupes

PS. If you want to send me one, feel free 😊


There are many different loupes and even Eyeglasses you can put on, so your hands are free.

I recently purchased this item from eBay thinking that £7.99 it will not deliver on quality, but everything from the Frames to the adjustment individual light was brilliant.

The eyeglasses have a 10x, 15x, 20x and a 25x magnification, perfect for identification, of gems, minerals, diamonds, as well as antique watches


The valuable lesson from this is that if you are just starting with Gemmology or looking to purchase your first Loupe, make sure it’s a Triplet they start at £10 from Amazon or eBay.


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