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Meeting the New President of GIA London Chapter: Richard's Vision for the Alumni

The sun was shining, and I hopped on a train from Cardiff to London, excited to meet Richard, the newly elected president of GIA's London Chapter. GIA, short for the Gemological Institute of America, is all about diamonds, gemstones, and knowledge!

After reaching London, I met Richard at the GIA campus. He was friendly, full of stories from his travels and very passionate about the future of the Alumni. I asked him some questions to get to know him better.

GIA London Campus front door entrance October 2023
GIA London Campus front door entrance October 2023


Can you provide a brief introduction about yourself, your professional background, and what motivated you to take on the role of the president at GIA London campus?

My name is Richard; I am an active & confident character who loves travelling at any opportunity. I graduated from GIA in 2013; I have worked all over the Globe in the wholesale diamond & jewellery trade. I am motivated to give back to the GIA community, bring people together, help, advise & educate any youngsters who are trying to stake their claim. Being a part of the Alumni Collective is a huge asset & I am looking forward to a bright future.


What is your vision for the GIA London campus during your tenure as president?

Enabling the GIA London Campus to be the number 1 Alumni Campus globally. Everyone striving for greatness. Learning from each other, networking, building personal & business relationships & flourishing the industry with knowledge & best practices.


Are there plans to create more alumni events?

Since there are minimal restrictions nowadays, there will be many events taking place over the coming months, there is an informal social event in the pipeline for later this year for everyone to get to know each other. Make sure to sign up to the Alumni Collective Portal & follow the GIA London Instagram for regular updates. Next year there will be an event every quarter with a selection of speakers & interesting topics to discuss. 2024 will be the time to shine!


Which do you lean towards more: Diamonds or Coloured Stones?

I am a GIA Diamonds Graduate, they are a girl’s best friend & also my preference.


Can you tell us a random fact about yourself?

I once worked on a cruise ship, sailing around the Caribbean.


How do you relax?

Running laps around Richmond Park listening to Noughties Hits.


Meeting Richard was a delight. His passion for diamonds and his drive to make the GIA London Chapter the best are truly inspiring. It's clear that exciting times lie ahead for the GIA community in London!

To get the latest news, follow the Alumni London on the GIA Portal and on Instagram

GIA Alumni Collective Logo
GIA Alumni Collective Logo

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Enjoyed your article and I am also looking forward to doing a gia course in the future. I watch your programs regularly. Your programs are highly appreciated.

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07 dic 2023
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Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support 💎

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